ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit

9.-13. September 2024:
Experts taste the current ÖTW.Erste Lagen wines

Reitschule 2022
Reitschule 2022

It is undoubtedly the most demanding and exciting tasting that takes place in Austria: From September 9-13, around 500 wines exclusively from ÖTW Erste Lagen and single vineyards will be offered in a tasting, for which trade press, importers, sommeliers and retailers will travel from all over the world.

The grounds of Grafenegg Castle, about 60 km west of Vienna, provide the picturesque setting for this high-quality tasting, which is organized by the Austrian Traditional Wine Estates. Almost 80 winegrowers along the Danube - from the Traisen Valley to Carnuntum - are the initiators of the event, which has been held annually since 2013. More and more wine-growing regions have joined in, so that in this year's event a good 500 wines from the Traditionsweingütern as well as from the guest regions Eisenberg, Leithaberg, Styria and Wachau can be tasted.

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Silent Tasting Format

Individual wine selection, your own tasting rhythm and personal contact with the winemakers: the Silent Tasting format of the ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit offers perfect tasting conditions. Participants can decide for themselves which wines they would like to taste and in which order by noting down the desired sample numbers. In the interests of undisturbed concentration, admission is only granted at the beginning of the pre-booked tasting slots (9 am or 2 pm). 

Date 09:00-13:00 14:00-18:00
Mon, 9 Sept. ÖTW ÖTW, STK, Eisenberg, Leithaberg
Thu, 10 Sept. ÖTW, STK, Eisenberg, Leithaberg ÖTW, STK, Eisenberg, Leithaberg
Wed, 11 Sept. ÖTW ÖTW
Thu, 12 Sept. ÖTW ÖTW
Fri, 13 Sept. Vinea Wachau Vinea Wachau

You are interested to join this exclusive tasting format?

Please indicate your interest and details via this application.

Grafenegg 2016 13 Grafenegg Castle as a dreamlike backdrop for the tasting of the Erste Lagen wines
Grafenegg 2016 13
Grafenegg Castle as a dreamlike backdrop for the tasting of the Erste Lagen wines


It is practical to stay overnight in the Grafenegg Cottages directly on the site.
A quick room reservation is recommended!

If you prefer to spend the night in Krems, you can take the train to Wagram-Grafenegg

Free Shuttles

Wagram-Grafenegg railway station to the Grafenegg car park:

8:25 (train arrival from Vienna at 8:21)
8:40 (train arrival from Krems at 8:37)

13:25 (train arrival from Vienna at 13:22)
13:40 (Train arrival from Krems at 13:37)

Grafenegg car park to Wagram-Grafenegg station:

13:10 (train departure to Krems at 13:22)
13:25 (train departure to Vienna at 13:37)

18:10 (train departure to Krems at 18:22)
18:25 (train departure to Vienna at 18:37

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