4. und 5. September 2021
Erste Lagen-Tour de Vin
Meet the Winemakers
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Normally, the traditional wineries open their cellar doors on the first weekend in May - and have done so since 1995! - open their cellar doors to invite guests from all over the world for a tasting. And thousands of wine lovers follow the call of the traditional wineries to taste the new vintage. But what is normal in these times. That's why this year, too, there will be the Erste Lagen-Tour de Vin on the 1st weekend in September!


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Exquisite Side-Events

In addition to the tastings, which are of course carried out in accordance with the Covid19 regulations in force at the time, some wineries also offer culinary delights, where you can quickly and easily satisfy your hunger with small, fine things. In some wineries you can also get a deeper insight into what's going on through cellar tours, vineyard walks or even a sparkling wine workshop.

68 Traditionsweingüter invite to the Tour de Vin!

All top wines in one weekend


The best wines always grow in exceptional vineyards - this is an experience that every winemaker makes. Austria's traditional wineries have developed a classification from this: So far, 90 vineyards have been defined as "Erste Lagen". Wines from these sites have to age longer before they are released on the market. For white wines, early September of the year following the harvest is the cut-off date for the launch. For red wines, you have to add another twelve months.

And so the first weekend in September is the perfect moment to give wine lovers the opportunity to taste and buy Erste Lagen wines and many more in all member wineries in the Traisental, Kremstal, Kamptal, on the Wagram, in Vienna and in Carnuntum.

tour de vin maedels Tour de Vin 2021
tour de vin maedels
Tour de Vin 2021

Tour de Vin in brief

  • Date: 4. and 5. September 2021, 10 am to 6 pm
  • The Erste Lagen Tour de Vin takes place at all 68 traditional wineries in the wine-growing regions of Kamptal, Kremstal, Traisental, Wagram, Vienna and Carnuntum.
  • Admission: The Tour de Vin button at € 25, - entitles you to tasting on both days and is available at each winery.
  • We do not offer transportation to the wineries for organizational reasons.
  • About accommodation options advise you gladly:

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Die teilnehmenden Weingüter

Die an der Ersten Lagen-Tour de Vin teilnehmenden Betriebe finden Sie nach ÖTW-Gebieten aufgeteilt in folgenden PDF-Dokumenten:

Alle am 4. und 5. September 2021 geöffneten Mitgliedsbetriebe finden Sie auch auf folgender Übersichtskarte, die Sie als PDF downloaden können:

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